Friday, September 24, 2010

Ko-hatsu Live ST Broadcast

There are two Super Turbo events at Ko-hatsu this weekend. September 25th at 9pm (Japan time) is Ko-hatsu vs. New Mammoth [Arcade]. I guess it's sort of an Osaka vs. Kyoto thing. They're going to be streaming the event live over here:

Also on September 26th at 4pm there's another solo 3on3 tourney. The last one was excellent hopefully some more hot ST this time. Aka Zangief wrote that Sunday's contest will also be broadcast live.

Versus Team Battle 092110

Part One
Part Two

Muneo, Hiroyan and Oonishi all used Ryu. It looks like Buzan missed a "Buzan Combo" it'll be nice to see that one in action again.


  1. nh2, where is Ko-hatsu and what is a "Buzan Combo" ? (possibly a video link please?)

  2. Ko-hatsu is in Osaka.

    Jump roundhouse, crouching fierce, short sobat. Dizzies well so a good fireball read can mean the round. IIRC he used it against Gian (and/or Hakase, KKY) at Mikado here and there shouldn't be too hard to find on YouTube.

  3. yea that's why you shouldn't open rounds against DJ with a fireball. Too dangerous.

    I've dizzied people with just 2 hit j.rh>cr.fp combos too at the beginning of the round.

  4. k

  5. I thought I was the only one who thought of it as "the Buzan combo".

  6. And Gunze takes the Sunday event over Seki. Nice!

  7. Lots of great activity here recently, great updates! btw have you all seen this?! My only question is, why do "green" hitboxes have an X value (X coordinate)??