Monday, February 1, 2010

Tougeki '10 ST Rules

The rules are up for SSFIIX at Super Battle Opera '10:
  • 3on3 elimination
  • Super (aka Old) characters OK
  • No Akuma
  • No duplicate characters on a team
    (Old and New count as different characters)
  • No switching characters
  • Rock paper scissors to choose sides
  • Before the match, each team tells the staff who is going first
  • Fixed turbo 3
    (i.e. American speed 2 = the second highest setting)
  • Otherwise factory settings

Here are some posts regarding the last couple times SF2 was at SBO:
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Minimum Logic in Action

Riz0ne found a nice demonstration of both Minimum Logic concepts (one, two.) Thank you!

At 1:32 and 3:07 you can see Aniken using built-in Dragon Punches. Nice display of Ken vs. Honda okiseme throughout that match.

Then at 1:39, if Aniken had done a button release fierce fireball he could have blocked or DP'ed SIN's Sumo Drop.


  1. Do you do the dragon punch motion (f, d, df) and piano two punch buttons (or a kick button and punch button) while you're in the air or do you first hit punch or kick and then do the dragon punch?

  2. I tried to explain more in the comments to "Minimum Logic 1."

    piano two punch buttons

    So if you do a jump punch with a DP motion you shouldn't need two taps. Just one tap: the press gives you the jump attack then the release gives you the DP. That's the popular style in SF4 now I think.

  3. Any confirmation/clarification yet on whether SBO ST is 2v2 or 3v3?

    I've been hearing reports of both so I came here to get the decisive answer ("Noho will know!") and you said both too. Hahaha.