Thursday, February 18, 2010

Super Turbo News Bits

Update: added a couple upcoming live broadcasts.

- New Game Spot Versus ST team battle over here. KKY, Nuki and Noguchi were on the same team.

- Mattsun accidentally erased most of the X-Mania 10 footage. Even if someone had captured the stream that was only one station of many it looks like those videos are lost to history.

- This year's Gian Recital 5on5 has been scheduled for May 2nd. Not sure if there are going to be any preliminary contests.

- The second GVision Ranking Battle is March 6th at 8pm (Japan.) Live stream.

- On March 14th there are going to be two events at Kasugai 50: random 2on2 at 2pm (Japan) then Chubu vs. Kansai 16 vs. 16 at 5pm. Live stream.


  1. how do u watch this link

  2. oh my god.....the X-Mania 10 stream had some of the BEST T.Hawk play I'd ever seen.......

    To have those matches lost is really terrible...

  3. 352 - Click the round grey 再生 button then wait a moment it should start up.

    758 - Hopefully Inomata will be in there this year.

  4. Nooo mattsun, learn to use the internet.

  5. who are the players on each side, other than the big 3?

  6. Same guys as previous weeks plus Nanashi ("No Name") Honda and Chabouzu Sagat.

  7. >- Mattsun accidentally erased most of the X-Mania 10 footage. <

    OH! NO! ah my goddess!

  8. I added a couple things to this post.

    OH! NO!

    Heh we need a T-Shirt with Guile's beat-up continue screen picture and "OH NO" written underneath.

  9. I hope mattsun downloads one of those file recovery tools. Even if it's been deleted, they can usually be recovered no problem