Thursday, December 16, 2010

TZW Interview

XSPR conducted a great interview with combo godfather TZW.
In a real game, what is the biggest or fanciest combo or feat you accomplished?

Using Guile, jumping heavy kick (roundhouse), standing light punch, Sonic Boom, standing mid punch, Sonic Boom, jumping heavy kick (roundhouse) (6 hits). I chose this for a Zangief player who was dizzy; after I did this 6 hit combo, he was re-dizzied.

Another time with Guile, I did jumping heavy kick (roundhouse), standing light punch, Sonic Boom, crouching light kick, super (5 hits connected, for total of 9 hits).

Go check it out. He dodges the nickname question, but TZW signed up for a lot of Mikado ranbats as "Tazawa" so that's...

Also: Nikachan uploaded the proper part two from the other day. New link in previous post.


  1. Very good interview!

  2. Hi Nohoho,
    long time no speake, hope you are well. Still going strong on the blog I see.
    I am just opening up a Nico video account and wondered if you could possibly forward me the link for the fantastic 'Nagoyan' SF2 video? I and my friend would dearly appreciate it. Keep up the good work, Crayfish ;)

  3. Hello Crayfish,

    I think they're all here.

    If that link doesn't work just search for "ストリートファイター2 見せ動画"

    I fixed the old post here YouTube embedded playlist viewer doesn't seem to be working.

  4. Thanks alot m8, I'll try that.
    Do you ever post at SRK still?

  5. Nah lately I go there just to check sf4 results.