Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Cammy New Year!

122810 Versus team battle. San Ryu came to visit from up north.

Shinomaru RY, Yamada ZA, Chika EH, Kawasim DH, Nikaiten BX/MC, Nakamu BL, VIPER TH, Toukon CH, Seo RY, Abebin EH, Shin TH, Sasori RY, Yopparai ["Drunk"] DH/MC, Noguchi FE
San RY, Nidan [Azalea] GU, Numa BX, Muneo SG, Nakamura CA, Chabozu SG, Koemon FE, Gucchi RY, Kikai GU, Makuhari DJ, tomo RY, Hiroyan TH, H BL, Hakase DH

X-Mania Europe

3on3, Singles and Solo 3on going down June 4th and 5th in Toulouse, France. I'll post more later it'd be neat if some Yanks made the trip. h/t Vernon

Forum announcement.

Year-end Live Broadcasts

I haven't seen any announcements about a Mikado stream. If there is something it might get mentioned over here.

The Kasugai 50 live show is still on. Info here.

EDIT: New Years gachi battles at Ko-Hatsu. Mori, Seki, Okafei, Suzuki.
December 31st at 6pm. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/kouhatsu


  1. yea nh2, you should come down! so we can play the best mirror in the game, offline.

  2. Mirror moms watching the fight "Jimmy!"

    Maybe the fake SBO team would be interested in taking another trip. Rambo could bring the camera again could be very cool.

  3. lol "fake" sbo team?

  4. At SoCal Regionals, Dogface interviewed John Choi, Mike Watson, and Alex Valle and presented them with a question about an East vs West play off in Super Turbo. The preface to the question was something to the effect of, "Now, I'm sure you'd agree with me that that wasn't the 'real US SBO team.'"

  5. Top players from Japan will surely come to X-Mania Europe, at the moment Aniken and Otochun are confirmed. With this BIG notice the usa players should come :)