Monday, December 27, 2010

Newton 2on2 Videos 122510

Kama-age is a tough VF player. Here fighting Bubbles who also entered one of these Newton 2ons. Ryu needs a little Death Star floating around his head, too.

Part One
Part Two

Shirotanki (TH) & VIPER (TH), Shinshin (GU) & Gucchi (RY), Hiroyan (RY) & Keishin (CH), Kama-age (RY) & Ore (GU), Kawamata (RY) & Sashishi (RY), Akabla (BL) & Tori-ore (RY), Kisaki (DI) & Toukon (CH), Shin (TH) & Kawasim (ZA)

EDIT: Rainbow Edition sighting in "And Soon the Darkness."


  1. Awesome sighting haha. The two dudes who are undoubtedly discussing how one will destroy the other just adds to it.

  2. keyboard misfire ^^^ that was me. My fingers do what they want!