Sunday, December 5, 2010

Attn: XSPR (GMC Ustream Notes)

Pick Dhalsim vs. Ken, brother!

GMCTV was interesting. Aniken invited various tough guys to fight with him, his brother and Dara.

Skip to the second hour of the archive for TZW, Baby Nine, Prince, Kusumondo, MAO, Tasaka, Nakamu, ARG, Star, etc. With any luck they'll rope in Sako for a future broadcast.

Otochun said he'd continue to work on his anti-DJ game. Stay tuned. He spoke highly of XSPR's Dhalsim.

Dara ran some viewer polls:

teens: 16
20s: 124
30s: 76
other: 13

About HD
have it, play it: 58
don't have it: 109
plan to buy it: 25
don't plan to buy it: 37

Aniken: 49
Otochun: 37
Daigo: 121
other: 38

Mikado's New Year's tourney tradition continues this year. Some Versus and Ko-hatsu live events between now and then. Maybe Kasugai50, too, I'll post more later.


  1. Ottochun/Aniken was just being polite about my Dhalsim; I got stomped quickly. Official Disclaimer: I will NOT play Dhalsim "remixed". It's hard enough for me to get the moves out within a certain amt of frames in ST as it is, so I'll stick with ST/Classic. I selected sim once, but only because I did not realize it was Remix, I thought they were playing Classic at first. I only play as Ryu in Remix cause he's the same (but everyone else is different so it's only half the same, unless opponent is Ryu).

  2. Ah OK that makes sense. Actually I mentioned sako in the post -- the remix inputs had him stymied at this California thing the other day:

    So you play classic mode? What did you think about the show and about this new project of Dara's?

  3. I think it's great, I just wish it was GGPO but that can be a hassle to set up. I have my graphics set to classic but it's also the speed difference that can throw you off.

  4. XSPR are you in Japan for a while? Just get some cheap flash USB drives with ggpo, the right rom file(s), and the right version of Adobe Air (this is critical), and give it out to Japanese players and tell them how to set it up.