Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nishinippori Versus Video 121410

I wasn't able to view part one; Nico is acting funny this week. Also the files are misnumbered and/or there's a piece missing. Fixed 12/16

This was the fiftieth Versus ST Tuesday contest. There weren't any set teams — each player pulled a card, ace of spades fought two of spades then the three of spades fought the winner, etc. Toutanki took an FAB break.

Part One
Part Two

Numa BX, Shinomaru RY, YURI FE, Noguchi CL, Keishin CH, Shin TH, KKY DH, Fujinuma CH, Yama BL, AFO BL, Shu KE, Muno SG, Toutanki TH, Kurahashi RY, VIPER TH, Sasori RY, Chika EH, Tomoza DI, Gucchi RY, Hanashi FE, Nuki CH, Azalea GU, Nakamura CA, Mu DH, Koemon FE, Peco OK


  1. Whoever runs the Game Versus channel uploaded the same video twice for part one and part two. Hopefully they still have the footage and can upload the other part. I downloaded them last night and thought I had accidentally downloaded the same video twice, but they were clearly labeled differently and from different URLs.

    On a side note I saw something last night in casuals that I never witnessed before...Boxer's Super doing all five hits as a juggle combo (opponent cornered of course). I didn't think that was possible.

    - VF4

  2. Graham Wolfe does corner super juggle all the time.