Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Savior Tourney News

Ibaraki VIP Singles Vids 110610

YouTube playlist

Gigatch (Sasquatch), Takahashi (Brown Gallon), Senkaku Shoto (Zabel), Dara (Demitri), Orekon (Blonde Felicia), bow (Aulbath), Super Mochimochi (Bulleta), Teruchika (Felicia), Mano (Lilith), Yajima (Morrigan), Kengo (Grey Sasquatch), Basuken (Gallon)

Baba Mikado Random 2on Vids 112710

Jinbe is on top of it.


Pre-DCC Videos 100910

DD linked to a slew of All Out War videos over here. Sakai's team, サカイ様を崇める会, started in A block. Chikyu's team, 白眉, C block. Great title cards.

Darkstalkers Carnival 2010

On December 18th there are going to be tournaments for various Vampire games at Club Sega Shinjuku.

Vampire and Vampire Savior 2 (!) singles
Vampire Hunter 2on2
Vampire Savior 3on3

Events from that arcade are usually not streamed (or even captured) but we'll see.

Art by Michiro Ueyama.


  1. Thanks for noticing me. I'll finish in the next days uploading the 12on12 event after the main tournament^^

  2. Needs more Hunter. :D

    btw: Is VH still being played/streamed at mikado? What's their newest account anyway?

  3. DD upped some pre-DCC VH stuff. First two links in that post.

    There's a tourney at Mikado on the 19th I don't know if it'll be streamed.

  4. There are still monthly tournaments@Mikado. Dunno if they stream that, but you can see all the videos in their Nico Video playlist, here:

  5. Dunno if they keep streaming, but there are monthly Mikado VHUNT tournaments. Check the video at their playlist: