Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Upcoming ST and VS Live Broadcasts

Hey everybody I'm going a blogging hiatus. I'll be back a little later in the spring with SBO scoop. Also I'm thinking of adding subtitles to some old ST match video commentary. Check out Aka Zangief's joint for your ST fix. He usually embeds all the latest vids.

Art by Taka. Times below are for Japan. h/t DD

GMC Radio 4/18

Super Turbo talk show: midnight

Live stream: TBA over here

Audio-only discussion with Dara and Gian about Gian Recital and the SBO qualifiers.

Vampire at Mikado 4/24

Vampire Savior solo 2on: 4pm
Vampire Hunter: 6pm
Savior team showdown: after Hunter wraps up

Live stream

Niigata Popy 5/2

Vampire Savior 2on2: 3pm

Live stream

Gian Recital 5/2

Super Turbo 5on5: time TBA

Live stream: TBA over here

Results from the last few events: 2007, 2008, 2009 preview, 2009 quick results


  1. Enjoy your break!

    We're all grateful with all these [almost] daily fix posted by you.

    Thanks and do come back stronger than ever.

    "Also I'm thinking of adding subtitles to some old ST match video commentary."

    Truly godlike. What could we ask more?

  2. Hey NH2 do you play SF2:High Def Remix?

  3. a big yes to subs! starcups, xmanias and sbos PLEASE! thanks for everything!

  4. VSAV returns on POPY Niigata...I have some old matches, and i really enjoyed them.

  5. you're not allowed a break dude, come on

  6. lol @chris

    and I concurred.

    PTO request denied!

  7. Man, I would send you my left hand if you translated that radio interview.

    Well anyway, keep the break short. Stay sick. Cheers!

    Greetings from Berlin