Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Versus Danisen Videos 040410

Congratulaions to Fudd for getting fifth this past weekend. Turn on, strap in, Max Out!

Part One

Part Two

KKY (Dhalsim), Numa (Boxer), Yuzuru (DeeJay), AFO (Blanka), Gian (MC)

Some notes:
  1. Gian was teasing KKY for not sorting out his air defense.

  2. Souzou Fei apparently joined those guys at 10th Dan but they didn't include him in the video for some reason.

  3. AFO rules. Next time he'll have to slug it out with Nuki, Shiki and Gian.


  1. Thanks for the mention, even though this is a ST blog. Couldn't have done it without studying a lot of match footage.

    I suspect I actually tied for 7th though since damdai was in top 8 for sure (and even ran the bracket), but wasn't listed in the posted results.

  2. AFO was going on bad in part too, awesome winstreak. Since you said he was going up a rank I knew he was going to win the last match but I really couldn't see how given the life lead Yuzuru had. Put he got the win anyways j.lk ftw.

  3. Fudd - Your DJ was looking great man. That stream was neat.

    Kareeeeem - Sorry I spoiled that one I couldn't resist. Since Nuki got into it I've thought AFO-Nuki would be an interesting card.

  4. Life lead?????

    That's 85% vs 0% in the last round.

    He repositioned the jump so fast... (so that it end up crossing up again).

    Blanka is master of trickery (next is dictator)

  5. That jump repeated cross-up jumping short is more than just a trick. When Blanka crosses DJ up it breaks his horizontal charge for dread kicks. And by crossing DJ up from the air it forces him to block while standing which means he cannot charge for his jackknife kicks as well. It basically leaves DJ without a reliable reversal and forces him to deal with Blanka by using anti-air normals which are probably unreliable from point blank. Blanka also has 16 more pixels range on his bite than DJ's throw so you can cross DJ up and throw him for free.

    I'm sure that loss was frustrating for DJ. But don't feel bad about DJ in that match...it's like 8-2 in his favor.

  6. 8-2 in Blanka's favor if you ask nohoho ;)