Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fujico x Capcom

Capcom gals by way of Doraemon by Michiro Ueyama.

There are a whole bunch of old Ikebukuro Vegas vids here. Some highlights: Inomata Hawk, Inomata (?) Dictator, O.ST Honda, Akuma, CE Boxer


  1. Inomata Hawk @3:09 j. jab walk-up super. nohoho also posted a video a month ago of Viper doing pretty much the same thing to a Honda except it was off of a whiffed f. jab. How are they able to take a step forward and super? Anyone know the exact input(s) for this?

    @nohoho: someone said it's possible to do hop > horizontal ball with Blanka. He said the inputs were charge back, f, kkk, b+p. Can you confirm this?

  2. 1) I think the key is ending the super command at towards then lingering there before hitting punch. Below one guy does it without that though so who knows.

    Doop dee doop. Let's google "ホーク 歩きダブル" (hawk walking double)

    This one says 3/4 of the way around as you do the short, 3/4s of the way around as it ends then step forward a little.

    KG gief says whiff towards down back up towards (step) down back up punch. There's a little wmv you can download.

    Over here it says towards + punch, spin counter clockwise twice back to towards, step, punch. 19 frames max walk time.

    2) The command buffer for the (jab) horizontal ball expires 10 frames after hitting towards. Forward hop takes 26 frames. Not gonna happen.

  3. (therefore whatever he saw was a vertical ball, not horizontal, but probably hit so close the bounce-back might have seemed/looked like a horizontal ball.)