Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hyper Mania 4 Results

Hyper Mania 4 took place the night before SBO. INH co-produced, which might mean they'll put together a DVD. Chamu, Mute and Taira pic taken from the Mikado blog.

27 Teams

1st Place: Muteki (CE Guile), Chamu (ST Chun) & Taira (CE Dictator)
2nd: Daigo (CE Sagat), Gotoh (ST Ryu) & Kashiwagi (WW Guile)
Nakanishi (WW Guile), Yoshio (CE Guile) & Shiro (ST Ryu)
Pony (ST Zangief), Tsunoppi (CE Guile) & Mattsun (ST Ken)

Some OCV action:
Nakanishi beat Tokido, YuuVega and Gian
Kurahashi beat Aniken, Otochun and KomodaBlanka
and in the finals
Muteki beat Daigo, Gotoh and Kashiwagi

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