Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Nagase Cup 4 HSF Vids 080507

These videos are from a recent solo 2on at Nagase UFO. ShootingD's 2nd character was CE Sagat, but they didn't post any of those matches. Nekohashi pic lifted from the GMC blog.

The files are available on filebank (pass: nagasecup04) but I re-uploaded them:

Part 1 (WMV x3, 42MB)
Part 2 (WMV x6, 84MB)

Thank you to umbrellastyle from sobat carnival for the file hosting!

20070805_NagaseCup4th_15.wmv - Aniken (Boxer) vs. Otochun (Chun-Li)
20070805_NagaseCup4th_16.wmv - Tsuji (Boxer) vs. Gunze (Zangief)
20070805_NagaseCup4th_30.wmv - Nekohashi (Ryu) vs. Gunze (Zangief)

Finals Block
20070805_NagaseCup4th_Final_01.wmv - Nekohashi (Ryu) vs. Aniken (Boxer)
20070805_NagaseCup4th_Final_03.wmv - Nekohashi (CE Dictator) vs. Aniken (Ken)
20070805_NagaseCup4th_Final_05.wmv - ShootingD (Ryu) vs. Aniken (Boxer)
20070805_NagaseCup4th_Final_06.wmv - ShootingD (Ryu) vs. Aniken (Ken)
20070805_NagaseCup4th_Final_08.wmv - Nekohashi (CE Dictator) vs. ShootingD (Ryu)
20070805_NagaseCup4th_Final_09.wmv - Nekohashi (Ryu) vs. ShootingD (Ryu)

1 comment:

  1. A somewhat unconvincing win from Nekohashi. Kudos nonetheless. Looking forward to his showing at Evo soon!