Sunday, July 1, 2007

Tougeki 2007 HSF Qualifier Update

Look who waited until the last minute to qualify! Pic lifted from the Mikado blog. I'll type up some more SBO notes later.

6/1 Seisekisakura Central CLS (Kanto)
Shacho (Cammy) & Aomori (ST Claw)

6/2 Super Bingo Fukushima (Tohoku)
Pony (ST Zangief) & Mattsun (ST Ken)

6/3 Amipala Welcome (Chugoku/Shikoku)
Aniken (ST Ken) & ShootingD (ST Ryu)

6/3 Lupin 122 (Kanto)
Taira (ST Dictator) & Shiro (ST Ryu)

6/9 Media Park Leebros Takastuki (Kansai)
Kachu (ST Claw) & Seki (DeeJay)

6/10 Tokyo Game Action (East Coast USA)
Nestor (CE Dictator) & Mopreme (CE Ryu)

6/16 Kumagaya Namco Land (Kanto)
Toutanki (T.Hawk) & K (O.Hawk)

6/17 Club Sega Shinjuku West Gate (Kanto)
Tsunoppi (CE Guile) & Jenety (WW Chun-Li)

6/17 Saijou Plaza Game Corner (Chugoku/Shikoku)
Chukui (?) & Macho Banana (?)

6/23 Amusement Azpress (Chubu)
Nakanishi (WW Guile/CE Ryu) & Yoshio (CE Guile)

6/24 Neo Amusement Space a-cho (Kansai)
Futachan (ST Ryu) & Prince (ST Chun-Li)

7/1 Shinjuku Geisen Mikado (Kanto)
Daigo (CE Sagat) & yaya (CE Guile)


  1. Where's Kurahashi? =(

    I'm glad that Daigo made it. :D

  2. Kurahashi is here:

    I'll type up a complete list organaized by the official regions (I've been lumping the Tokyo and Kanto areas together.)

    The strongest team that DIDN'T qualify is Gotoh (CE/ST? Ryu) and Mi (O.Ken?) - I assume they'll try for a last chance spot in August.

  3. oh I totally forgot about that. Now I'm happy again. =)

    thx for the effort you put in the site. :)

  4. CE Sagat? Daigo finally lost his magic...

  5. Did ShootingD and Aniken qualify in China? IIRC, Chuugoku = China.

  6. EDIT: Nevermind. Same name, more than one meaning. (