Friday, July 13, 2007

Mikado Ranbat 061607 Vids

Movies from the sixth Mikado ranbat are up. Next week they're going to have a special tournament to decide the strongest fighter amongst the top eight point scorers:

Noguchi (Fei-Long)
Taira (Dictator)
Gian (Dhalsim)
Kurahashi (Ryu)
KKY (Dhalsim)
Kita (Chun-Li)
TZW-ART? (Guile)
Hakase (Dhalsim)

Also on July 21st @ Mikado: Pre X-Mania 3on3 tourney. VIII? I'll post more info when it becomes available. - Gian (Sim) & KKY (Sim) vs. Noguchi (Fei) & Hakase (Sim) - Noguchi & Hakase vs. Jenety (O.Chun) & Nia (Honda) - Akashachi Kancho (Blanka) & Yuubou (Fei) vs. Nakanishi (Ryu) & Yoshio (Guile) - TZW-ART? (Guile) & Hamaki (Honda) vs. Shinryu (Blanka) & Suzuki (O.Hawk) - Kurahashi (Ryu) & Taira (Dictator) vs. Naka (Cammy) & Shacho (Cammy) - Noguchi & Hakase vs. Nakanishi & Yoshio - Kurahashi & Taira vs. TZW-ART? & Hamaki - Finals: Kurahashi & Taira vs. Noguchi & Hakase
(Team "Must Kill Dhalsim" vs. Team "Burning Yoga Dragon")


  1. i can't open the video

    i think it's cuz the name of the vid is in jap

    could you help me!?

  2. It's pretty easy (and free) to install Japanese language support. Otherwise I don't know:

    -try a different movie player? vlc, mplayer, etc.

    -a different unzip program? stuffit, maybe