Saturday, July 7, 2007

Las Vegas Cup 3 HSF Vids 101506 bump2

The Ikebukuro Las Vegas HSF chief has upped a handful of moves from the third Las Vegas Cup.
Edit: Recently uploaded matches listed at the bottom.
MOVIE -> 第3回大会 - - -
Nakamura (Cammy) vs. Uchiyamada Kyoutou (HF Ryu)
Shu (Ken) vs. Oonishi (Dictator) - Shu (HF Ken) vs. Nakamura - Oonishi vs. Kyoutou (WW Ryu)

UPDATE: - - -
Shacho (Cammy) vs. Mekane (Claw)
Shacho (Cammy) vs. Kannami (CE Ken)
Shacho (Cammy) vs. Mario (DeeJay) - - -
Papaya (T.Hawk) vs. Nakamura (Cammy)
Uchiyamada Kyoutou (HF Ryu) vs. Shacho (Cammy)
Shu (HF Ken) vs. Ikebukuro Debu (CE Dictator)
Oonishi (Dictator) vs. Buzan (DeeJay)

In other news... re: [SBO]:
There might be movies from the GAME41 and Kasugai Five-Oh SBO Qs up soon. I'll post about it.
I'm not sure if Arcadia retains the rights to the qualifier footage or not. The Las Vegas webmaster says he's going to upload some casual matches from their event, at least. <- There'll be a DVD with those matches.

UPDATE2: - Nakamura (Cammy) vs. Shu (ST Ken) - Nakamura vs. Kazu (WW Dhalsim) - Nakamura vs. Bouzu (ST Blanka) - Oonishi (ST Dictator) vs. O~nu~[cho?] (ST Boxer) - Oonishi vs. Ikebukuro Uchujin (CE Ryu) - Oonishi vs. Kiteretsu (ST Dhalsim) - Sakamoto (CE Gief) vs. Papaya (T.Hawk) - Nakamura (Cammy) vs. Momo (ST Ken) - Onu (O.Boxer) vs. Uchiyamada (ST Ryu) - Shacho vs. Edo (ST Honda) - tomo (ST Ryu) vs. Ikebukuro Debu (CE Dictator) - Shu (HF Ken) vs. SD (ST Dhalsim) - Kameido Guile (ST Guile) vs. Oonishi - Mario (DeeJay) vs. Buzan (DeeJay)


  1. thx for being so dedicated to fighting games (and ST in general), we really appreciate your effort!
    also, thx for the interview translation, that's always something really interesting.

    AtTheGates, &

  2. Sup AtTheGates!

    I'll make a proper post about this when I have more info but the Club Sega 5 on 5 was today (Saturday.) HSF instead of ST this year.

    Chamu, Muteki, Yuu, Tsuji, Tencho

    Muteki wailing on everyone with CE Guile.

    Among the runners up was the 2d God/ST coalition:
    Daigo, Nuki, Tokido, Kurahashi, Gian

    I don't know how team Doskoi fared (E.Honda times five!)

  3. Hello, I stumbled onto this blog from the Battle Fantasia faq at gamefaqs, and have bookmarked it for the coverage on the fighting game scene in Japan.

    I was also wondering if you could help me with some information I need about said scene in Japan? I'm trying to write a piece about the trend of professional game players and while I have a pretty good idea about the Western side of the world, getting information on the Eastern side has proven more difficult that I hoped. In particular I'm hoping for info like interviews with winners of tournaments like Tougeki etc that describe their attitudes towards playing, their training schedule if any, etc, as well as information about whether they actually are any professional game players in Japan (i.e. Can even people like Daigo make a living from tournament winnings, do they get sponsored, etc).

    I understand this is quite a favor to ask being a complete stranger, but even some general pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I also read Japanese to a fair extent so you wouldn't have to translate anything either.

    If it's more convenient to talk via email you can also reach me at (randomly generated email from sneakemail so I can disable it once the email spam bots get hold of it)

    Again, any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

    With thanks,

  4. I'm pretty sure there's no money to be made in the playing of SF2 in Japan. Tournament pots are non-existent or negligible and money matches are unheard of. Gian and Daigo take money matches when they come to Evo but I think that's a case of, 'when in Rome...'

    Where players are getting paid it's in some other capacity in the industry:
    - working at an arcade
    I guess Tsunoppi works at Mikado.

    - writing
    Pony used to be a writer for Gamest magazine, maybe.

    - working with INH?
    Various players get producer credits for their DVDs.
    HYNE (Vampire Savior player) does graphic design work there.

    For more information (interviews, etc.) about Tougeki I recommend picking up Arcadia Magazine and their supplemental publication Tougeki Spirits.

    ShikiGuile's blog has the most first-hand info about the ST scene. It's mostly 'I went to this arcade, so-and-so was there, he tried this tactic, etc. etc.' I don't know if that will be useful to you. I find it interesting! heh. Aniken's blog has a bit of this, too. I linked to those guys in the player report.