Sunday, July 15, 2007

A-cho 2on2 Vids 062407

Some videos from a recent SSF2T 2on2 event at a-cho are up.

FWIW, Team Shuttle (Mi & Gotoh -- featured here in an unrelated event) was the strongest team to have not qualified for SBO. Hopefully they'll try for a last chance spot in August. Pic of them, taken from a-cho results page, at right.
ARCADE -> "大会動画" (button on the left above Milia)

acho_sp2x_20070624a.asx - Mi (O.Ken) & Gotoh (Ryu) vs. ARG (Claw) & Prince (Chun-Li)
acho_sp2x_20070624b.asx - Otochun (Chun-Li) & KKY (Dhalsim) vs. The SuperStar (Boxer) & Futachan (Ryu)

acho_sp2x_20070624c.asx - The SuperStar & Futachan vs. Mi & Gotoh

acho_sp2x_20070624d.asx - Finals: Otochun & KKY vs. ARG & Prince

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