Sunday, July 1, 2007

BattleFantasia Vids 062707

G.X posted a bunch of BF videos. Tomono and Hex were both Fist of North Star rivals of his last year. All three of those guys pioneered a lot of techniques for that game.

Original files on filebank here.
Pass: fantasia

NDS (Cedric) vs. Kiru (Freed)
Tomono (Watson) vs. Kiru (Freed)
G.X (Ashley) vs. Kiru (Freed)
Tomono (Watson) vs. Hexamethylene (Cedric)
Tomono (Watson) vs. Ii [E] (Urs)
Tomono (Watson) vs. G.X
E (Face) vs. G.X
E (Face) vs. Kiru (Freed)
Tomono (Watson) vs. Kiru (Freed)
Tomono (Watson) vs. Mammoth (Ashley)
Tomono (Watson) vs. E (Face)
NDS (Cedric) vs. Kiru (Freed)


  1. Looking at all the videos you previously posted, I noticed no one has been picking Marco. What's up with that?

  2. How do you unlock Odilo & Dakurod?