Friday, June 29, 2007

Pasopiard Battle Fantasia Vids 061707 bump
Follow the "MOVIE" link on the left. Links to vids are on the right side of the first diagram as of today. - Yagamo (Freed) vs. Machida Don (Donvalve) - Kimidori (Ashley) vs. KB (Coyori) - Ramune (Face) vs. Machida Don - Kimidori (Ashley) vs. Yagamo (Freed) - KB (Coyori) vs. Yagamo (Freed) - Ramune (Face) vs. Kimidori (Ashley)

The rest of the matches are up. - KB (Coyori) vs. Machida Don - Ramune (Face) vs. Yagamo (Freed) - Ramune (Face) vs. KB (Coyori) - Kimidori (Ashley) vs. Machida Don - Finals: Kimidori vs. Machida Don

Elsewhere... there are a couple more casual matches from this same event (including the movies I linked to below) here.

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