Monday, January 17, 2011

Versus Danisen Video 011611

Tsuwamono fights from Sunday. KKY DH, Numa BX, Kurahashi CH, tomo RY, Kawamata RY, Nuki MC. Also: stream archive for re-random 3on from Saturday.

By the way, over here you can see Kurahashi @ Guile using the crouching fierce trick mentioned in the previous post. Guile gets hit out of the start of an uppercut which puts him in standing hit stun but he still has the Flash Kick ready to go. 9:45 in the first video over there for starters. Thanks to Riz @ Eagle Eye.


  1. can u explain whats about the "trick", i dont just get it ;_;

  2. It makes your opponent think you've lost your charge to reversal when you haven't.