Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Anioto Gachi Battle on GMC TV

On Friday, January 21st at 11:45pm (Japan) Dara is going to broadcast a first-to-ten showdown between the brothers. The graphic says solo 3on but I guess the format is still up in the air pending character picks. Link. Danisen events start up in Kansai (at A-cho) that same weekend, too.

Aniken: Mix-up of God
Otochun: SF2's Strongest

Kuroppi uploaded some great Southern California tourney action from 1994. Thanks to The Dude for the heads up. Link.


  1. Will they be using non anchored home sticks again? In that case, I will bet on Otochun.

  2. It'll be either online or at Dara's place. Aniken's got that Seimitsu RAP.

    At that Kasugai 50 thing the other day there was a lot of joking around about how much he prefers the 2P side. Yaya, too.

  3. somehow the hdr games are not as tight as the ST games.

    maybe they are not familiar with it. maybe hdr is not as responsible (xbox has at least one additional input lag)

    it's not as enjoyable watching these than the regular ST matches

    and lol @ aniken having to resort to akuma :)

  4. Dara had Sako on the show last time but he was just there for training mode assistance.

    (using classic mode)
    Sako O.Hawk vs. Aniken Ken and
    Sako O.Hawk vs. Otochun Chun

    Those are cards that people would get hyped about. Also maybe Tokido vs. Otochun get some cross over traffic from SF4.