Monday, January 24, 2011

Super Turbo News From Jan 22nd and 23rd

Some results:

A-cho 012211

5 teams
1st Otochun (Chun) & Dorachin (E.Honda)
2nd MAO (Claw) & Opemai (Claw)
EDIT: video one, two

Vegas HSF2 012311

18 entrants
1st Taka (Akuma)
2nd Kamedo [Kikai] (CE Guile, ST Guile)
3rd Naoki (ST Boxer)

And some videos:

Newton 012211

Part One
Part Two

Hanashi FE & Goemon FE
Aoki Cyclone ZA & ryu DI
Toutanki TH & VIPER TH
Hiroyan TH & Muro OTH
Ore GU & Hage DH
Chojin KE & Kikai GU
Raoh RY & CB CH

Tsurumaki 012311

A Block
B Block
Losers & Finals

Ron (KE, RY, SG)
Kusa (CH, CH, EH)
104 (DI, CL, CL)
Nyo (SG, DJ, KE)
Kondo (CL, CL, DH)


  1. OMG, Akuma? What were the rules, were there any special handicaps to reduce the advantage? While the char sucks, it would be interesting to see him played but by GGPO scrubs, for a change. All we have atmm, IIRC, is that Inoki pre-retirement footage.

    Any more info on Dorachin?

    Thanks a lot, as usual!

  2. I thought they used to have a ban on Akuma for "Las Vegas Cup" events (this past weekend was #35) that was set aside for experimental "Extra Stage" tourneys but the page says

    hidden characters are allowed

    I don't know if/when those rules were modified. There's some casual footage on nico no big whup.

    Any more info on Dorachin?

    There's a picture heh

  3. Thanks for the casual footage. It looked like he could be a bit more annoying. Well, Hyper sucks, they deserve to get Akuma'ed!

    Oh, yes, the picture! Now everything is clearer! :P

  4. Dear nohoho,

    You rock and thank you.

    Sincerely from me I check your blog a lot,

  5. Hello Deadfrog you're welcome brother