Friday, October 29, 2010

Vision The Final Show Time

Yokohama Gamer's Vision is apparently going out of business. The last Super Turbo tourney is this Sunday.

Random 2on2 followed by east-west team battle
October 31st at 5pm (Japan)
Live broadcast

Kansai ST, Kanto ST then Daigo-Mago all in one evening. Not bad.

EDIT: I didn't catch the Versus live again. Archive here. Kurahashi Guile.


  1. Gamer's Vision? Is that KSK of 3S fame's arcade? I heard that he had sold a lot of cabinets and turned the empty space into an area to play console games. Guess it didn't work out.

  2. KSK kept saying that this would be the last "arcade" X tourney at GVision. He may have some sort of console/net events up his sleeve.

    Thunder Beast Cup 2 next month.

    Star Cup maybe early next year.

  3. Archive for the last Gamer's Vision tourney is here:

  4. Ah yeah Taira got a few matches in at the very end.

    A bunch of tweets from KSK and Gama no Abura about declining arcades, console events, etc.

  5. The joke has always been that Japan is so many years behind the West. Looks like the cliche is proving true in regards to arcades :(

  6. what does this mean.. Kansai ST, Kanto ST then Daigo-Mago all in one evening. Not bad.

    do you mean kansai vs kanto in ST? or did they have separate st matches in their respective areas?

  7. Talking about three separate events
    Ko-hatsu ST singles (ratio tourney)

    GVsision ST random 2on

    Godsgarden Online 2 SSF4 final match

  8. @ NH2 oh i see. thanks for clarifying