Monday, October 11, 2010

Ooyama Newton Singles 100910

I'll post the DCC results a little later. Tourney was great, but it was too bad that something else was going on that same evening.

If you're having problems with external nico players just click on the videos a second time a la YouTube to go to the main site (need an account.)

Part one
Part two

VIPER (TH), KKY (DH), Isaji (CA), T.Akiba (BL), Hiroyan (RY), tomo (RY), Muneo (OS), CB (CH), Inomata (Otouto) (TH)*, Choshu (KE), Aosai [Aoi Cyclone] (ZA), Keishin (CH), Ore (Guile)**, Raoh (OS)

* Younger brother of the X-Mania semifinalist.

** ore ga iru = I'm here
ore gairu = I, Guile cf.


  1. What's that 'something else' jpg from?

  2. I got the pic from 2ch.

    The caps are from two unrelated things:
    1. Godsgarden Online 2

    2. Can't remeber who/when. Maybe Nagoya Street Battle quarterfinals last month.