Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Darkstalkers Combination Cup Preview

Pre-DCC and Main Event Live Broadcast

Times for Japan.

Warm Up Tourney
Saturday, October 9th
Vampire Hunter 2on2 at noon
Vampire Savior 5on5 at 3pm
Vampire Savior Kanto vs. Elsewhere team battle after VS wraps up

Darkstalkers Combination Cup 5
Sunday, October 10th
Vampire Hunter Singles at noon
Vampire Savior Singles at 3pm

All of these contests are going to be broadcast live over here:

EDIT: see comments for notes about delay

DCC Pamphlet

This year there's a special DCC book prepared by various players with graphic design by Dara. It has past results, winners profiles, modern VS and VH tactics plus interviews with Kosho, Haitani, Sako and Daigo. Cover on the right.

Vampire Savior Seed Info

DCC seed winners skip the first round of play. Jinbe sent this along. Thank you, brother! The finals from the July event were incredible don't miss that video.
Quoted except for date format.

Location: Chubu
Arcade: Urban Square Osu
Date: 7/18/10
Format: 3on3 Tournament
Participants: 54 (18 teams)
Winner: Kosho (Bulleta) / Sakamoto (Q-bee) / Nakanishi (Bishamon)
DCC Seed: Kosho (Bulleta)
Videos: (only finals)

Location: Kansai
Arcade: A-Cho
Date: 8/22/10
Format: 1on1 Tournament
Participants: 17 players
Winner / DCC Seed: Azuwan (Demitri)
Videos: (post tournament freeplay matches, video 1 of 8, check here)

Location: Tohoku
Arcade: Playland F1-R
Date: 8/29/10
Format: 2on2 Tournament
Participants: 6 teams (12 players)
Winner: Kaji (Lilith) / Shimatsuya (Jedah)
DCC Seed: Kaji (Lilith)

Location: Kanto
Arcade: Club Sega Nishi Shinjuku
Date: 9/4/10
Format: 1on1 Tournament
Participants: 22 players
Winner / DCC Seed: Buzz (Gallon)
Info: #
Videos: #


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  2. On twitter Sakamoto wrote earlier that they're working on technical difficulties.

    DD wrote that VH wrapped up and the VS bracket is being prepared.