Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DCC Results, VS Vid, ST Vid

Detailed Darkstalkers Combination Cup results are up on the official site.

Vampire Hunter
41 entrants
1st: Akita (Morrigan)
2nd: Haramori (Morrigan)
3rd: Kashiwagi (Bishamon)

Vampire Savior
100 entrants
1st: Orekon (Felicia)
2nd: Ego (Lei-Lei)
3rd: Panpina (Q-Bee)

Some notes
VH: Haramori over MOV Felicia in the first round. Akita took out two-time champ TKO.
Kashiwagi and Donboru Zabel beat Haramori and Kawamura Phobos to take the pre-DCC 2on.

VS: Kaji over Sakai Zabel. Nakanishi over Kaji. Ego beat Nasquatch. Ouchi Jedah beat Bow Aulbath and Kosho. T2ya Zabel lost first round to Kuma Sasquatch. Aojiru GuileZabel beat Dara and DD, lost to Orekon.
Sakai ruled at the 5on the night before. Jinbe posted details here. DD posted comments from the top 2 teams here.

Astroguy2 (a.k.a. Q-Bee player HigeQ) did the cover for the pamphlet. Zoomed out version from pixiv.

Savior at Mikado 102310

Another Kaji Kosho show. Sakamoto usually broadcasts these events live. Next one November 27th at 6pm.

A Block
B Block
C & D Block
E & Finals Block

Super Turbo at Versus 102610

30-somethings on the 1P side, 20-somethings on the 2P side. Toutanki "Atomic Boy" Zangief along with the usual suspects.

Part One
Part Two


  1. Hi nohoho,
    i never thought HigeQ was also an HENTAI artist...LOOOL. Incredible.

    Ukio987 (aka Ego) is uploading the PRE-DCC videos, the 5on5 tournament and the 15on15.

    I'm uploading the "Savior at Mikado 102310" videos.

    Thanks for the info as always.

  2. Dang, I was cheering for Haramori again. :(

    And sad that Kashiwagi chocked yet again...