Sunday, August 15, 2010

X-Mania 2010 Results

Foosuke called Guile's jump attack -> flash kick trick the "Nosuke Somer[sault]." Named, I assume, after his friend from the Yoga 48.

34 teams
1st Yoshimura (Dhalsim), Noguchi (Claw), Hakase (Dhalsim)
2nd Muteki (Guile), Shiki (Boxer), Mattsun (Ken)
3rd MAO (Claw), Ito (DeeJay), Futachan (Ryu)

Best 8
Tsuji, ARG, Shogatsu def. Yabu, Isaji, Nakamura
MAO, Ito, Futachan def. Gunze, Pony, Komoda
Hakase, Yoshimura, Noguchi def. Muneo, Yuzuru, Murasaki
Muteki, Shiki, Mattsun def. Toukon, Hanashi, Keishin

Muteki, Shiki, Mattsun def. Tsuji, ARG, Shogatsu
Hakase, Yoshimura, Noguchi def. MAO, Ito, Futachan

A few OCVs:
Gunze over Choshu, tomo, Shacho
Pony over Kurahashi, Gian, Yuu (!)
Mattsun* over Ryokucha, Masato, Shinohonda
*Nuki may have been at a 3S tourney.
Shiki over Toukon, Hanashi, Keishin


  1. Ugh, I hate that winning team. I hope SBO is better.

  2. "There's a warm-up tourney the night before with a special edition of Mattsun's X-Mania Archives series. He wrote that the main event will feature a surprise unheard of in fighting game history."

    So what was the suprise?

  3. I missed most of the stream cause I was at our ranbats. I hope they post up videos from this. I really wanna see Pony's OCV. That sounds crazy!

  4. Dhalsimx2 (YES!) and Claw FTW... That would be a tough team to beat!
    Thanks for the info NH2.

  5. Yeah what exactly was that earth shattering announcement?

    I think Cooperation Cup 9 was going on this weekend which would mean Nuki was attending that instead.

  6. I didn't catch what the surprise was.

    After the tourney wrapped up I think they showed some archives footage from the last few Xmanias but I was too tired to check it out.

    Hakase came up with really big stuff against MAO and Shiki. Good show at the 5on and Xmania he's having a fantastic year.

    This website has all of the xmania results in a simple list.

  7. Must.see.pony.ocv

    Please tell me someone recorded that at least?

  8. 2 Sims and 1 Claw


  9. Some pictures. They had monitors set up so you could see your opponent.

    Also Gian ate every flavor of ice cream in the vending machine. He said the watermelon and chocomint were so nasty that he almost gave up.

    The night before there was an east-west 19 on 19 battle that Team West took. Probably Chubu teamed up with Kansai to take it.

  10. LOL those monitor views are awesome.

    Sounds like the event was a blast

  11. I was there the Saturday afternoon the day before the tournament until about 5:45PM but had to leave for a flight so couldn't make it this year. Hardly anyone was there until about 5pm or so when ARG and a couple of other ST players played a few games.