Thursday, August 12, 2010

VS: Diagram v4, ST: X-Mania News

DD posted a minor revision to the diagram he and the Kanto Savior players put together.

X-Mania 2010

Here are some of the teams that'll be competing on Sunday. Foosuke's going to MC. The art on the poster below was drawn by Takepon.

Masato BX, Ryokucha KE, Shinohonda EH

Gian DH, Yuu DI, Kurahashi RY

Tsuji BX, ARG CL, Shogatsu OEH

Toukon CH, Hanashi FE, Keishin CH

Yabu CA, Isaji CA, Nakamura CA

Kita CH, Kikai GU, KKY DH

MAO CL, Ito DJ, Futachan RY

Aoki Cyclone ZA, Musashi Kosugi Zangi, Gakuzan ZA

Numa BX, Fujinuma CH, AFO BL

Nuki CH, Muteki GU, Shiki BX

yaya GU, Sashishi RY, Kusumondo EH

GOH Ken OK, Ron RY, Kusa CH

Kotaka Shoten GU, Kawamata RY, Mori BX

Komoda BL, Gunze ZA, Pony ZA


  1. So no stream then for X-Mania? If they don't stream or don't put the footage online at Nico/Youtube that would be weak as hell. Even a DVD that was internationally available and not just sold locally out of arcades would be preferable.

  2. whoa cammy x3 team.

    btw nohoho can you answer my question about the formats for SBO quals that i posted in your 2010 sbo team list post.

  3. The format was left to the local director's discretion. Ko-hatsu was single elim, Five-oh double elim, Game41 there were very few teams the whole thing was round robin.

  4. triple cammy and triple zangief teams... :O

  5. ah I see, that's interesting. For some reason I always assume japan = single elim no exceptions.

  6. Double elimination is common at tourneys near Nagoya for some reason.

    BTW I copied those teams from Mixi. Mattsun says they'll have 25 setups including this board from the holy land, Nagase UFO.

  7. 25 fucking setups. Nice!

  8. ... Jesus Christ.