Sunday, August 1, 2010

SBO 2010 Team List

5/03ドラゴン勢Hakase (DH), Noguchi (CL), Tamashima (BX)videos
5/09生涯現役Gian (DH), Kurahashi (RY), YuuVega (DI)
5/16超無敵不死身Nuki (CH), Muteki (GU), Shiki (BX)
5/23プランクトンKKY (DH), Kita (CH), Kikai (GU)report, video
5/30長瀬UFOAniken (KE), Otochun (CH), ShootingD (RY)
6/06イタリアAbebin (EH), Sasori (RY), Oonishi (DI)video a, video b
6/13ベストパートナーズFutachan (RY), Ito (DJ), MAO (CL)result, videos
6/20真ソルジャーチームTsuji (BX), Inro (OCH), Danjiri (DH)bracket, videos
6/27ヨコ・ヅナー_クロニクルズKusumondo (EH), Yabu (CA), Gunze (ZA)videos
7/04コーハツ四天王Suzuki (GU), Seki (DJ), Kachu (CL)
7/11月の石Toutanki (TH), K (OTH), Yoshimura (DH)bracket, videos
7/18けものみちMuneo (OS), Numa (BX), AFO (BL)result
7/24Team USAGanelon (CL), John Rambo (DH), Damdai (RY)videos
7/25X三世代ARG (CL), The SuperStar (BX), Yuzuru (DJ)
8/01ゴメンネ!大高さんGotoh (RY), Wassekun (DH), Tani (GU)video a, video b


  1. Taira...last change qualifier...make it happen!

  2. So the last chance qual is the only one left?

    How strong are the teams that NKI and I (and whoever our third is) would have to beat to make it?

    If Taira still didn't make it that doesn't bode well..

  3. wtf komoda and yaya on that team too? christ..

  4. brian:

    Well, you should beat teams like Taira / yaya / Komoda, Shin / Keishin / Hiroyan, plus people like Mattsun, Pony and Shogatsu.

    Pretty damn tough indeed. You and NKI are great so you may pull it off though.

  5. This year there are half as many spots for teams for SBO as there were in the past for ST. Meaning that there are likely twice as many top players sitting on the outside wanting that last chance slot. The odds of a foreign team taking last chance from some of the remaining teams I would think is extremely low. Last chance will most likely be furiously competitive and probably just as exciting as the main event. Unless by some off chance no one shows up for it the odds are that four or five monstrous teams will vie for that last slot and you'll have to break through a couple of them.

  6. come on komoda, just walkup bite like you did daigo and aniken way back when.

  7. There may be a slew of Chun players at the last chance qs: Prince, Keishin, Toukon, Fujinuma, Tojo. Maybe Nick could rope in a local Hawk (Inomata) to take some out.

    Both Hanashi and HAS were looking good on Sunday; it'd be nice to see a Fei in there.

  8. Shoot, where is the support!!
    Go team USA! Good luck!

  9. There are some "yaya"s, "ARG"s and Matsuns (Japanese characters, as posted in the SSF2X player report) "thrown" in . Are they talking about previous qualifiers, or they're indeed entering the last chance qual?

    Thanks a bunch for all the stuff!


  10. Gian wrote about Keishin sweeping yaya's team at the Versus Q in July.

  11. whats the format used for these qualifiers? I've always been under the impression it was single elim but I'm watching the last quals now, the one that Gotoh and co won. And for example I'm seeing the blond haired DJ players team lose and play another team right after.