Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Inomata at X-Mania 10

Some footage from the 2009 contest. These must be from one of the Archives DVDs Mattsun made. In the third video you can see him duking it out with last weekend's champs.

By the way, two brothers share the nickname Inomata: Inomata (Ani) (the elder, shown here) and Inomata (Otouto.)

Also here's the Versus team battle from August 17th: link. Nikaiten calls the exchange at 8:14 an auto mix-up. I guess in that case the butt drop covered a mis-timed command throw.

MOR (GUx2), Nakamura (KE, CA), Shin (DI, TH), Shogatsu (EHx2), Noguchi (SG, FE)
Kurahashi (RY), Nikaiten (OBX, BX, MC), Hammer (OK, SG), Hiroyan (SG, RY), Fujinuma (CHx2)


  1. Inomata never ceases to amaze me. He's a freaking machine

  2. FFS: amazing post!

    Gonna watch the team battle with "Show"-gatsu and then the rest.

  3. nh2 between 2:55-2:59 of the first video after the jump in tick, Inomata does a cr. jab that whiffs followed by dp on a reversal attempt two times. Did he whiff cr. jab intentionally in both instances? Didn't seem like he was os'ing in either sequence. The third time at 3:01 he doesn't throw anything out after ticking. He just waits for the reversal to whiff and follows it up with cr. short xx super. Are these just mix-up bait tactics, or is there more to it?

  4. I'm afraid I don't know the nitty gritty. Inomata sometimes will show an escape chance when he goes looking for the super. IIRC that's how he lost to Seki that day. It's too bad that video isn't up, too I wanted to see that fight again.