Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Vampire Savior Vids - HAP'1 2on2 Continued

The remainder of matches from the random 2on are up. Previous post.

Yajima (Morrigan) & Kame (Victor) vs. Shou (Aulbath) & Shu (Bishamon)

Snot (Bishamon) & Itsuki (Felicia) vs. DD (Sasquatch) & Chapa (Anakaris)

Megane (Demitri) & Rine (Bulleta) vs. Kosho (Bulleta) & Nishiken (Morrigan)

Kosho (Bulleta) & Nishiken (Morrigan) vs. Snot (Bishamon) & Itsuki (Felicia)

DD (Sasquatch) & Chapa (Anakaris) vs. Shou (Aulbath) & Shu (Bishamon)

Sol-fa (Demitri) & Ego (Lei-lei) vs. Kosho (Bulleta) & Nishiken (Morrigan)

Yajima (Morrigan) & Kame (Victor) vs. Megane (Demitri) & Rine (Bulleta)

Since the earlier post, DD has uploaded some tourney videos and games from an east vs. west event. Lots of interesting matches featuring Shimatsuya Jedah.

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  1. Damn that buzzsaw, super trap on Dimitri was hot shit... Gotta use that on ggpo.