Saturday, December 8, 2007

Newton Ranbat 120807 Vid Plus Alpha

Taira vs. Cello Tape

Some other items...
1) There's a great Cammy-Chun-Li 20-game series up on Nico Video. Ostensibly Nakamura vs. Otochun.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

2) The DVD for HSF @ SBO '07 goes on sale December 20th. Pick up a copy from Play-Asia here.

3) X-Mania 8 will take place on December 23rd at Plaza Capcom Iruma (an arcade/Street Fighter museum*.) I'll post more info when it becomes available. Official poster.
*EDIT: Some pictures of the joint here.


  1. how do you watch the vids on nico? I made an account and everything just not sure how to download the vids. Would anyone be willing to post those cammy-chun vids on youtube?

  2. yah, how do you dload the file? i would like to see some Naka goodness.

  3. I posted everything I know on that "How to Use Nico Video" post. The movie should start playing when you click the link just like youtube?

    They may still have restrictions on new accounts as far as what time of day the site works. Like, primetime (in Japan) viewing is only available for premium accounts? I'm not sure.

  4. Is there still a way to download video from nicovideo, does not work for me. Great blog anyway.

  5. I guess they're quite aggressive about preventing dls. Pretty lame.


    here, this works