Friday, November 30, 2007

Neo Star Cup 06 Prelim Vids 092406

Videos from the finals of the Kanto prelims were made available on the official blog a year ago. (#7 Noguchi vs. Taira ... wow.) Below I've posted some matches from earlier in the tourney. Special thanks to Nestor.

By the way, if you find yourself in Tokyo make sure to visit Shinjuku Mikado. They've got ST (fixed-rate play on Wednesday nights), VS and various other fighting games. Also shooting games, Puyo Tsuu, retro stuff, pinball. Location information here. Also there's a guide to getting through the underground mall at Shinjuku Station here.

Noguchi (Claw x2, Fei) vs. Nakanishi (Ryu, O.Ken, Guile) (xvid .avi 20MB)
Kita (Chun x2, Cammy) vs. Nakajima (Cammy x3) (35MB)*

K (O.Hawk x2, Fei) vs. Noguchi (Claw x2, Fei) (18MB)
Naka (Cammy x2, Blanka) vs. Chamu (Chun x2, O.Chun) (42MB)**
AFO (Blanka x3) vs. Milky Vega (Dictator x3) (28MB)
Popo (DJ, Claw, Blanka) vs. Kurahashi (Ryu x2, Guile) (19MB)

Cello Tape (Zangief x3) vs. Taira (Dictator x3) (34MB)
Yuubou (Fei x3) vs. AKIRA (Ryu x2, Boxer) (18MB)
Ashitana (O.Ryu x3) vs. ryu (Dictator x2, Ryu) (29MB)
Taguchi (Ryu, Ken, Zangief) vs. Bunkichi (O.Honda x3) (35MB)

Tashita (Blanka x3) vs. Jenety (Chun x2, O.Chun) (36MB)
Katakuriko (Ken x3) vs. tomo (Ryu x3) (17MB)

* This file is misnamed. D block 0th round.
** Note that star cup rules prohibit having more than two top tier characters (O.Sagat, Dhalsim, Boxer, Chun, Claw) on a team.


  1. Hello nohoho,

    thanks for putting me in touch with shin dhalshim and company, a good lot of people and very friendly. bob has his own machine which is totally unfair! I'll need to scour yahoo and get my own one day.

    Just wanted to ask you your opinion on this:

    would the Japanese players play the SF2 Remix game coming out?

    it seems like there is less of a "need" to balance out the game here in Japan because there is more diversity in terms of character usage and different characters win in different tournaments, would you agree.

    Thanks also for the vid upload, more than the taira/noguchi video, I thought the gian/muteki one was particularly amazing. nothing sexier than a flash kick over yoga fire...except maybe super flash right through super flame. sick ish right there.

    keep up the good work!


  2. do you think you could post directions to mikado from the closest train exit? i went to shinjuku a year ago and mainly played at more amusement, only if i would have known. also is ufo in the same area?

    zhi you beat me to it. muteki had a tough matchup but still had most of the answers. too bad there isn't "overtime" in fighting games.

  3. Hi zhi,

    would the Japanese players play the SF2 Remix game coming out?

    I haven't seen any comments one way or the other. I figure X-Mania and Star Cup will continue to use Arcade ST.

    I was thinking that a fun promotional stunt would be to have some California players go to Japan to have an exhibition team tourney, like, Gian, Shiro and Taira vs. Wolfe Bros and AfroLegends using STHD. Then they could hook me up with some exclusive videos! muah hah hah

    friendly uncle -
    XSPR posted directions from More to Mikado in a comment to a post below this.
    Nagase UFO is somewhere outside of Osaka, I think.

    Yeah Muteki's ability to fight Dhalsim is really something.

  4. Me_Want_Title_MatchDecember 6, 2007 at 10:02 AM

    Tick throws FTW.