Friday, December 21, 2007

X-Mania 8 Preview

Here are some teams planning to enter X-Mania 8 this weekend. Aniken, ShootingD and Tsuji have said that they can't make it. The status of other top players is up in the air. Koike, USA and Ashitana aren't listed, but that team seems like a safe bet. There's a rumor that VF players Fuudo and Itazan plan to attend. Perhaps Chibita Blanka will join them.

Info from Gian and Sakamoto @ INH.

Gian, Tamashima & ARG

Hakase, Yoshimura & Noguchi
Double Dhalsim. Some of the old More crew. Noguchi didn't say what character he'll use.

The SuperStar, Gotoh & Futachan
Double Ryu. Futachan has been very hot lately -- top four at the first two Kasugai 50 ranbats.

Muteki, Chamu & YuuVega
Reprise of the Hyper Mania 4 winning team with Yuu donning the Dictator hat.

Nuki, Kurahashi & Nakamura

Otochun, Komoda & Kusumondo
Nagase UFO crew.

Taira, Shiro & Akashachi Kancho

Toutanki, K & Inomata
Triple T.Hawk!? Inomata is supposed to have a spectacular T.Hawk. Maybe we'll finally get to see some videos of him in action.

AFO, Aben & Naka
Blanka, Ryu, Cammy.

Nakanishi, Yoshio & YURI
Nice Fei-Long trickery from YURI in the post below this, btw.

Double T.Hawk plus Blanka.

Bazu, Gou & Nikaiten

Toukou, Tojo & Kita
Triple Chun-Li.

Since Gary Busey turned out to be a big fat jinx, I've asked Jake Gyllenhaal for a comment:

X-Mania 8


  1. If Itazan does good it's probably because I trained him. By...letting him beat me. :P

  2. Go Kurahashi & Muteki. ^_^

    Toutanki, K & Mayakon would make a great team, but Inomata is OK too, I think.

    btw: Does Mayakon still play? Haven't heard of him for ages.

  3. I beat Itazan's Claw w/ Sim to qualify for the ST tourny at Evo this year in the block finals.

  4. I hope the T.Hawk team takes it!

    Watching K and Toutanki as they beasted their way to the XM7 finals made watching that tourney so much fun =)

  5. Can't wait for this shit

  6. Chibita supposedly got Blanka lessons from Komoda. Would be really cool if there was a VF team @ X-Mania.

    re: Mayakon
    Seems to be semi-retired. Though there have been very few Kansai tourneys since Grand Master Challenge wrapped up. Otochun seems to be taking his place on the old Kawachikko team. (like Pony did last year)

    BTW, there's a east-west exhibition match at Mikado the night before X-mania. (i.e. later today) Should be hot.

  7. All those T.Hawks - it's gonna be freaking sweet.