Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tonosama & UFO Highlights 091894

The following matches come from an old VHS tape called "Tonosama & UFO." The tape featured a slew of casual SSF2T games and then an air throw exhibition. Crayfish was kind enough to upload the latter here.

While lacking the historical value of this other footage from 1994, the Super Turbo action is a lot hotter over here. Files are xvid .avi 4-8MB.

CAP-JAC (Ken) vs. THRASH-JDK (Guile)
unknown (Ryu) vs. KAM (Ryu)
THRASH-ABE (Blanka) vs. THRASH-JDK (Guile)
THRASH-JDK (Guile) vs. CAT-KIR (Dhalsim)
CAT-KIR (Dhalsim) vs. CAP-JAC (Ken)
THRASH-JDK (Dictator) vs. CAT-KIR (Dhalsim)
CAT-KIR (Dhalsim) vs. THRASH-JDK (Guile)
unknown (Blanka) vs. THRASH-JDK (Guile)
T.T.C.-CHU (E.Honda) vs. THRASH-JDK (Guile)
CAP-JAC (Ken) vs. unknown (Zangief)
unknown (Dhalsim) vs. THRASH-ABE (Blanka)
CAP-JAC (Ken) vs. T.J.C.-THRATH-KOH (Zangief)

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