Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Versus Danisen and Team Battle Videos

Tsuwamono fights from February 6th and team showdown from February 8th. By the way, I added a couple things to the previous post.

Kurahashi (N.Ken), Keishin (Chun-Li), Kawamata (Ryu), Kotaka Shoten (Guile), Numa (Boxer), Nuki (Commentary), Tonegawa (Commentary)

Shinomaru RY, Shin TH, Tomoza DI, Azalea GU, Numa DJ, Kawasim DH, Keishin CH, ryu DI, Sasori RY, Hanashi FE, Nakamura CA, Kurahashi RY, Noguchi CL
Hiroyan OTH, Musashi Kosugi ZA, Gucchi RY, "Ni"kaiten* (EH), Jenety OCH, Kikai GU, Izumi OS, VIPER TH, Kotaka Shoten GU, Fujinuma CH, Sashishi RY, Nuki CH, Hakase DH

*Instead of 'two revolutions' this is 'fake revolutions.'


  1. the second videos are always 50/50 for me. i'll get the scrolling comments and the advertisement, but no game. are the vids take down after a while?

  2. I was able to view it with Safari but not Firefox or Chrome. There's a problem with cookies and/or adblock.

  3. you sir kickass. in chrome, click on the wrench (upper left hand corner). then click options. then click under the hood tab. then change proxy settings. under privacy tab, set the bar to low. you can always set it back to whatever setting after viewing matches.

  4. In the team battle video at around 02:43, Hiroyan seems to cross Tomoza up even though Bison seems to be with his back completely against the corner.

    Any idea how he did it? I tried it but couldn't pull it off.

  5. Dunno. Can't tell if it was intentional.