Monday, February 14, 2011

Ooyama Newton Video 021211

When the 2p fierce button stopped working for VIPER they decided to start the tourney's whole 2nd round over I guess.

Shiki's snappy low fierce is called "Shiki Upper."

Kikai GU, ryu DI, Yoshio GU/MC, C EH, KKY DH, Aoki Cyclone ZA, Chabozu SG, VIPER TH, Ueno Shigeru Yonjusai* EH, Shiki BX, Shin TH

*"Shigeru Ueno (40 years old)"

Couple other things…

There were a lot of heavy hitters at that Plaza Capcom SSF4AE thing. Semis and final archive over here. Really good stuff.

Akuma vs. O.ST Cammy at Ikebukuro Vegas - okie dokie!


  1. do you know how shiki does the standing headbutt out of those jabs?

  2. If you press the button very quickly you can hold down and boxer won't crouch.

  3. all right, thank you.

  4. It looks like that Akuma did not feel like killing Cammy a few times. Anyway, it was fun to watch it. Are they friends, or something?