Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Newton Teams and Nakamura Kumite Vids

Ooyama Newton Video 021811

Between Newton, Versus and Royal there are now three of these contests a week in Kanto. Very cool.

Part One
Part Two

Atomic Boy ZA, Ore GU, Chabozu SG, Kita CH, Kotaka Shoten GU, VIPER TH, [Gucchi RY]
Sasori DI, Bison Wakamatsu ZA, Raoh RY, KKY BL, Shin TH, Kikai GU, [Numa BX]

Nakamura Kumite at Nakano Royal 021711

Fourteen people went up against Nakamura including Nakano Guile and YuuVega (!) link.


  1. Kumite video is blank/dark... :-(

  2. It's a nico cookie issue. Check the comments on the "Versus Danisen and Team Battle" post from the other day the advice there seems to work.

  3. my advice is only 50/50 now. it was working then, but not so much any longer...

  4. Go to the actual Nico Nico Douga video (rather than through the proxy link) and the videos should display fine.

  5. it doesn't though. i have a nico nico account and sometimes it just won't show. i'm wondering if it has something to do with peak hours.