Sunday, February 6, 2011

Upcoming Tourneys, Kinu's Blog, SSF4AE Stats

UPDATE Feb. 8th — added an event and another chart for SF4.

The A-Cho Capcom Olympics are next weekend. Singles tourneys for CVS2, MVC2, SSF2X, 3S, SSF4AE, SFZ3 and VS. Top placers get points which are used to determine an overall winner for the event. I'd like to see some good stuff from Cantona (SFA3/SF4 Zangief) and Inbe (SFA3/SF4 Guy).

Also on Sunday there will be a Vampire Savior 2on2: the Orekon Birthday Cup. Check out the poster by Fugo and Dara at Orekon's site. Felicia is holding an Amagami PSP game that I guess is a prize for the winners.

On February 13th at 1pm there's an SSF4AE 3on3 at Plaza Capcom Intermagical in Shizuoka. It's the first of a series of qualifiers for a Capcom official Kanto event. They're planning to run a live broadcast; I'll add I link when I have it.
Streaming: here and here.

Kinu's Blog

Kinu Nishimura recently started a blog. This winter she did the character design for a fantasy figure as well as this great piece for an MVC3 special edition that Capcom is selling online.

Super Street Fighter 4 AE Bar Graphs

This graph shows how many times each character in SSF4AE is represented in the top 50, 100 and 150 battle point scorers as of February 6th. Info from 333 on the BBS.

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Over here there's a list of how many people earned a certain amount of BPs with each character. This chart ranks them with one value like so: plus four for each person with more than 40,000 battle points, plus three for 35,000 points, etc. Again from February 6th. That's a 3 for Dan and 2 for Hakan.

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  1. noo. my sweet hakan is at the bottom >.<

  2. More people would use him if his wife cheered him on like Dhalsim's did in the Alpha games.