Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yokohama Vision Ranbat Videos 030610

Kurahashi: "I'm looking to win Tougeki so I can't lose here."

Part One

Part Two

Here are the current standings:

1st Place - 5 points
2nd Place - 3 points
3rd Place - 2 points

No losses - 2 bonus points

Gian 8p
Kurahashi 7p
MAO 7p
Futachan 7p
(he didn't actually get to play, but still got the no loss bonus for taking 1st with MAO)
YuuVega 3p
Sashishi (Ryu) 3p
baby nine (Honda) 3p
Souzou (Fei) 2p
Rei (DJ) 2p
PECO (O.Ken) 2p
MOR (Guile) 2p

The next one will be on April 3rd at 8pm (Japan.) Live stream


  1. Bleh, I like the Danisen ranking system better now, just seems cooler. Also, I'm craving (any new) vids of Nuki's Chun. Dude is a monster, hope to see more of him come Tougeki.

  2. the level of play is really lower than those big japanese names, except one of the ryu player

    but it's entertaining none the less. thanks nohoho for continuously posting cracks for us die hard ST fans

    it's really cool the japanese can always get together locally and there are always a bunch of high level players to duke out

  3. lower but still better than any other player outside japan