Monday, March 8, 2010

Danisen Rankings

Here are the standings after Sunday's contest. Source

10th Dan: Nuki (Chun), Gian (Dhalsim), Kawamata (Ryu)

9th Dan: nobody

8th Dan: Yuzuru (DJ), Numa (Boxer), Souzou (Fei), AFO (Blanka)

7th Dan: KKY (Dhalsim), Kurahashi (Ryu), Kita (Chun)

6th Dan: The SuperStar (Boxer), Kakky (Zangief), Sashishi (Ryu), Toukon (Chun), Fujinuma (Chun), Nakamura (Cammy), Gakuzan (Zangief), tomo (Ryu), Kotaka Shoten (Guile), Yoshio (Guile)

5th Dan: Taoki (Boxer), Shiro (Ryu), Abebin (Honda)

4th Dan: nobody

3rd Dan: nobody

2nd Dan: Shin (Hawk), Oji (Ryu), VIPER (Hawk), Yomiaido (Ryu)

Shodan: Akashachi Kancho (Blanka), Takitate Barusan (Ryu), N Oah (Boxer), Chika@8Doors (Honda), Cello Tape (Zangief), PECO (O.Ken), Tori-ore (Ryu), VERZA (Dictator), Akatsuka Ryu, Ponkotsu (Boxer), Gi (Hawk), Talbain (Chun)

Some other notes:

- There will be sixteen teams at SBO. They had previously said eight.

- The Chubu vs. Kansai event next week should be really interesting. I hope to get a preview post up in a little bit.

- 3/6 Yokohama Vision results:
17 teams
1 Gian (Dhalsim) & Kurahashi (Ryu)
2 Sashishi (Ryu) & baby nine (Honda)
3 MOR (Guile) & PECO (O.Ken)

- 3/7 Ikebukuro Vegas HSF results:
As part of the "Extra Cup" series, the only rule at this event was that teammates had to choose different versions.
8 teams
1 Nakamura (ST Cammy) & PECO (S Ken)
2 NONAME (ST Akuma) & Yoga Byoinrijicho (WW Dhalsim)
3 Ryokucha (ST Ken) & Kondo (CE Dictator)
Strange results. Still, good weekend for Peco.


  1. Wow, Baby nine mixing it up again in the top. Cant believe I saw his first baby steps lol, on GGPO not so long ago.

  2. What is up with all of the N.Hawk use in Japan? It seems like outside of X-Mania the Japanese rarely play O.Hawk. I know they like N.Characters better, which is why there are more N.Ken and N.Sagat players than their better O.Character versions. But there seem to be lots of O.Honda players. Doesn't anyone want to win with Hawk? :-P

    Also whoever played Akuma should be ashamed.

  3. They had a more interesting Akuma=OK rule at the last Extra Cup. All 17 characters were on the table, but you weren't allowed to pick one more than once over the course of the whole tournament.

    137 - I'm just speculating but I think VIPER and co really like looking for Double Typhoons. It seemed to me like Inomata could have beat Seki at X10 but he had Double Typhoon on the brain.

    On top of that:

    Doesn't anyone want to win with Hawk?

    Maybe "winning" in a broader sense means playing better today than you did yesterday. Maybe it's meeting new people. Maybe it's heading to the arcade instead of staying home and watching CSI Miami reruns.

    Or not. What do I know.