Monday, March 22, 2010

Danisen Rankings as of March 21st

Shiki showed up this week and immediately climbed to the newly allotted strong men rank. Also, some people started to break out sub characters. Good luck NKI!

Tsuwamono: Gian (DH), Nuki (CH), Shiki (BX)

10th Dan: KKY (DH), AFO (BL), Numa (BX)

9th Dan: Muneo (OS)

8th Dan: Souzou (FE), Chokka Rakusho (FE), tomo (RY), Kawamata (RY), Noguchi (FE)

7th Dan: Kurahashi (RY), Kurahashi (CH), Kita (CH), Taoki (BX), YuuVega (DI)

6th Dan: The SuperStar (BX), Kakky (ZA), Sashishi (RY), Toukon (CH), Gakuzan (ZA), Kotaka Shoten (GU), Yoshio (GU), Akabla (BL), Yuzuru (DJ), Shoni* (EH)

5th Dan: Shiro (RY), Abebin (EH), Fujinuma (CH), KKY (BL), Shiba-oto (GU) Nakamura (CA)

4th Dan: Aoki Cyclone (ZA)

3rd Dan: Kusa (CH), Kawamata (GU), Cross (FE), Nikaiten (BX)

2nd Dan: Oji (RY), VIPER (TH), Yomiaido (RY), NKI (CH), Chika@8doors (EH)

1st Dan: Akashachi Kancho (BL), Takitate Barusan (RY), N Oah (BX), Cello Tape (ZA), Peco (OK), Tori-ore (RY), VERZA (DI), Akazuka Ryu (RY), Ponkotsu (BX), Talbain (CH), Beah (DH), Gian (RY), Shin (TH), Hitsuji (SG), AFO (FE)

*not sure how to read this nick. Might be you-know-who.

There are some great San (Ryu) vs. Kikai (Guile) matches in the middle and end of this video.


  1. I think he showed up only once (you keep rank regardless) to say hello.

  2. Ah I see,

    Also I didn't even see NKI was among the players. Good shit, hopefully if I graduate next year I'm planning on spending some time playing ST in japan and level up my Blanka.

  3. I'm a big fan of shiki!

    Damn stop this tease. Are the videos available?

    BTW, Did NKI move to japan or just visiting?

    I assume this happened in tokyo that's why otochun, aniken, and the folks form west couldn't attend...

  4. Kareeeeem - You won a local tourney the other day, right? Very cool.

    1231 - There will be videos. Shiki-Nuki-Gian great cards there.

    I assume this happened in tokyo that's why otochun, aniken, and the folks form west couldn't attend...

    Yeah so for 3rd Strike there are a couple arcades running danisen events in different parts of the country that share rankings. For ST it's just one; things are kind of slow lately in Kansai.

  5. lol wow, how did you know about that?

    But yea I won it last time, it was actually the last ranbat of the season, ended up 2nd overall. Could have done better if I had the means to actually practice ST (actually we play capkore AE with only ST and old chars because no one has dreamcasts) instead of being forced to only play HDR (ggpo doesnt run well on this thing).

  6. Thanks nohoho for the heads up.

    Will be reloading your site multiple times per day to see if there's any updates :)

    haha I just notice this full house

    8th Dan: (FE)(FE)(FE)(RY)(RY)

    got some fei-long love right there!

    BTW do you know if Toutanki and K reside in tokyo or not?

    Been missing their ass-kicking o.hawk ownage as well!

  7. Kareeeeem - I still click here and there looking for SF4 results. Keep rocking with the dirty rodent*. *Fatboy's term heh heh

    552 - K goes by the nickname Dragon Boy now. He's a top Ken player in SF4. Still plays ST here and there but uses Boxer. Not sure about Toutanki.

  8. Oh yeah for that nickname I can't read above, one way to read it is Jong Il. Someone's joke on 2ch today: "Yoga Nagata Kim Jong-Il Happy New Year Special"

  9. Ah cool, there will be an ST tourney in France, possibly on arcade. I'm hoping to leave a good impression there. When I visit the eastcoast again we'll have to do some matches like you asked me on IRC a while back (names Fulan on IRC)

    And Dragon Boy is K? I didn't expect THAT. Still sad to see people migrate to SF4. Though it's good to see him do well with a character like Ken I guess.