Wednesday, March 17, 2010

VS, SF4 and ST This Weekend

Times are for Japan. Mattsun didn't say if there's going to be a stream for the Super Turbo event on Monday EDIT: postponed; I'll post if there's more info. Not sure if this site is still in use.

March 20th - Vampire Day at Baba Mikado

Vampire Savior random 3on3 - 4pm
Vampire Hunter singles(?) - after Savior wraps up
Vampire Savior team showdown - after Hunter wraps up / 7:30~8:00

Live broadcast: link

These tournaments run very quickly — there may be some exhibition games and/or hijinks in between. For the team showdown, they usually have the first and second place winners serve as captains then split people up into two groups to duke it out.

March 21st - Nagoya Street Battle at Urban Square

Street Fighter 4 3on3 - 12pm

Live broadcast: maybe here link

Coming shortly before the 2010 Japanese Nationals, this event should draw a lot of heavy hitters. Gama no Abura says it's probably the last NSB.

Date TBD* - X-Mania Archives at Baba Mikado
*h/t 1025

Super Street Fighter 2 X talk show - 7pm

Live broadcast: ???

At this event they're going to show some X-Mania 8 and X-Mania 9 footage on a projector and discuss matches on-the-fly with the competitors. Tamashima, Hakase, Noguchi, Pony, Tsunoppi and Mattsun will be there for starters. The inspiration here was the X-Mania 7 DVD commentary by Otochun, Gian and Nikaiten.

Everyone who shows up will get a special DVD with the highlighted matches. That disc is one of a set of five — there will be similar events each month leading up to X-Mania 11.


  1. Oh my do I get my hands on those X-Mania special DVDs? Please tell that they are recording all of the commentaries and sessions.

    - VF4

  2. So Mattsun is working with these guys to produce the Archives series.

    My guess is that that means streaming is unlikely but yeah maybe they'll put together multi-audio DVD collection later on.

  3. The mikado was postponed.

  4. Oh huh thanks for the heads up.

  5. I want those disks!!!!!

    PS. Thanks for the update!

  6. Please keep us updated on those special X-Mania DVDs! Hopefully they decide to sell to the public...