Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pre X-Mania 2008 Videos 080208 p2

Second batch. Please download only one file at a time.

EDIT: Great videos. Two weeks before SBO... everybody was looking really hungry. - Muteki (Guile), Nuki (Chun) & Mattsun (Ken) vs. Yuubou (Fei), Oonishi (Dictator) & Yoshimura (Dhalsim) - Kotaka Shouten (Guile), Souzou (Fei) & tomo (Ryu) vs. TZW (Guile), Futachan (Ryu) & Gian (Dhalsim) - YuuVega (Dictator), Noguchi (Claw) & Shogatsu (O.Honda) vs. Roku (Honda), Nakamu (Blanka) & Toukon (Chun) - USA (Boxer), Yakitori (Hawk) & VIPER (Hawk) vs. Yokkun (Dictator), Tonegawa (Ken), Gakusan (Zangief) - Muteki (Guile), Nuki (Chun) & Mattsun (Ken) vs. TZW (Guile), Futachan (Ryu) & Gian (Dhalsim) - USA (Boxer), Yakitori (Hawk) & VIPER (Hawk) vs. YuuVega (Dictator), Noguchi (Claw) & Shogatsu (O.Honda) - 3rd place: USA, Yakitori & VIPER vs. TZW, Futachan & Gian - Finals: YuuVega, Noguchi & Shogatsu vs. Muteki, Nuki & Mattsun


Don't miss fatboy's new ST Dhalsim strategy blog, Yoga Noogie.

Master Tomono @ Shin @ Watson @ Fuerte continues to bust heads! It's time for the devil to smile once more.

I made a quick move list for SF4. Might be handy to print out and bring to the arcade. I hope to do a revision soon (some of the command normals are wrong/missing here) but this is something to get you started: link.


  1. Well here's a question. In the fight between Muteki and YuuVega, in the 3rd round both players choose a single standing jab for their opening move. Why?

  2. Muteki is predicting a scissors kick, thus he´s doing jab to punish that (not sure if it also beats Dic stand MK/HK which is also a common opener).

    YuuVgea is doing jab to "bait" a reaction or just be plain psychic in pretending to do something offensive (scissors), so Guile gets jumpy or autoreacts w/ a Flashkick.

    Basically its doing whiff moves to make opponent react wrong, eg. the infamous low Fierce whiff w/ guile, where a opponent magically jump straight into waiting Flashkick afterwards.


    PS Anything I left out, pls add nohoho^^

  3. Muteki does a neutral HP(not a standing jab) to counter scissor kicks. Yuuvega whiffs a lp to slightly delay his scissor kicks, to avoid guile's counter (which is what happens since guile's hp whiffs and he is forced to block). If Yuuvega did scissor kicks as soon as the round started he would have been countered, but the whiffed lp delayed his opening move perfectly.

  4. Ah yes, it was a stand fierce on Muteki's end. So that beats scissors eh? I wonder why he would use that instead of back sobat kick? What happens with stand fierce vs dic's stand roundhouse?

  5. Well timed it beats scissor kicks cleanly while sobat often trades. On the other hand with the sobat you can charge back. I never saw him use stand hp in this situation before so I guess it's not a very interesting option, just something you do once in a while to surprise your opponent. At that distance, dic's st hk and guile's st hp both whiff.

  6. Off topic: Are Otochun and Aniken brothers?

  7. Are they?
    Also Aniken's web page is down/moved. Links?

  8. Well I know that Otoo is like older brother and that Ani is younger brother. Is that just a coincidence? Or did they do it as friends? Although, they are never on a team together.

  9. Yeah brothers. I think Aniken posts on Mixi instead. Not sure.