Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kansai DCC Prelim Vids 072008 Plus Alpha

Some videos from the Darkstalkers Combination Cup preliminary contest at a-cho are up. Oboro & Dara didn't make it out of their block.
ARCADE -> "大会動画" (6th link down on the left)

acho_vs_20080720a.asx - Yamakawa (Zabel) & CAA (Zabel) vs. Rui (Anakaris) & Bario (Gallon)

acho_vs_20080720b.asx - DD (Sasquatch) & Nakanishi (Bishamon) vs. Orekon (Felicia) & Nan (Bulleta)

acho_vs_20080720c.asx - Sako (Bulleta) & Kaji (Lilith) vs. Kenta (Demitri) & Mano (Lilith)

acho_vs_20080720d.asx - Aswan (Demitri) & Hosokawa (Sasquatch) vs. Teruchika (Felicia) & cat-k (Felicia)

acho_vs_20080720e.asx - Yamakawa (Zabel) & CAA (Zabel) vs. DD (Sasquatch) & Nakanishi (Bishamon)

acho_vs_20080720f.asx - Sako (Bulleta) & Kaji (Lilith) vs. Aswan (Demitri) & Hosokawa (Sasquatch)

acho_vs_20080720g.asx - 3rd Place: Yamakawa & CAA vs. Aswan & Hosokawa

acho_vs_20080720h.asx - Finals: DD & Nakanishi vs. Sako & Kaji

acho_vs_20080720i.asx - Seed battle: Kaji vs. Sako

The main event went down on September 14th. Results are up at the official site.

Vampire Hunter
58 entrants
1st: TKO (Sasquatch)
2nd: Marusa (Felicia)
3rd: Sasazuka (Gallon)

Vampire Savior
52 teams
1st: Kosho (Bulleta) & Nasu (Sasquatch)
2nd: Orekon (Felicia) & Ouchi Jedah (Jedah)
3rd: Shimatsuya (Jedah) & Kaji (Lilith)


  1. Orekon is probably the best Felicia player but i'm very surprise for the 2nd place. Waiting for the full results, specially for Team Earth (T2ya/Chikyuu).

  2. Haramori/Kashiwagi/Kawamura, not even one of them in the Top3? :(

  3. Thx the the news. Could be very interesting a section about the VSAV players like the ST one. What do you think nohoho ?

  4. Completely unrealted but.... GOOD JOB NOHOHO @ MWC!!!!!!

  5. I forgot to post this before:
    Pre-DCC 5on5 results.
    13 teams
    1 Kosho, Nasu, Sasazuka, Shimatsuya, Hoe
    2 DD, Kaji, Sakai, Ego, Megane
    3 Sakamoto, Sasuni, Ogawa, Hai-iro, Buzz

    Two wins in a row for Kosho Nasu.

    I'm looking forward to the full results for DCC3, too. I kinda feel like either 3on3 or 1on1 would have been a better format than 2on2. Same goes for super turbo at sbo.

    the dude - TKO beat Kashiwagi. I don't follow VH much but I'm going to speculate that TKO's combo mastery helped him along this year. (he helped to make a combo exhibition bonus disc for the DCC2 dvd set) I guess the Sasquatch infinite is difficult enough that its on the edge of being practical.

    13 - I've wanted to do some more VS posts for a long time. 'A history of VS strategies: gamest cup through dcc' kind of thing. There's a lot of great material on the DCC site itself. I have some old issues of Gamest from way back when, too. Been trying to read up on SF4 lately, though. Dunno.

    fatboy - Thanks bruddah!