Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mikado Area Showdown Videos 081608 p1

First batch of videos from Mikado's SBO weekend locals vs. out-of-towners battle. Kanto vs. Kansai, Chubu, Hokkaido & International. Please download only one file at a time.


080816_01.zip - Shu (Ken) vs. Fujishima (Boxer), Toukon (Chun) vs. Fujishima (Boxer)

080816_02.zip - Toukon (Chun) vs. Akashachi Kancho (Blanka), Abebin (Honda) vs. Akashachi Kancho (Blanka)

080816_03.zip - Abebin (Honda) vs. oh!!J (DJ), Abebin (Honda) vs. AAA (Ryu)

080816_04.zip - Abebin (Honda) vs. Aniki (Guile), KKY (Dhalsim) vs. Aniki (Guile)

080816_05.zip - KKY (Dhalsim) vs. Kusumondo (Honda), Yuubou (Fei) vs. Kusumondo (Honda)

080816_06.zip - Kashiwagi (Ryu) vs. Kusumondo (Honda), GOH Ken (O.Ken) vs. Kusumondo (Honda)

080816_07.zip - Nyo (DJ) vs. Kusumondo (Honda), Nyo (DJ) vs. Oreryu (Ryu)

080816_08.zip - Nyo (DJ) vs. 7 (Dhalsim), Yoshimura (Dhalsim) vs. 7 (Dhalsim)

080816_09.zip - Yoshimura (Dhalsim) vs. Batayan (Guile), Yoshimura (Dhalsim) vs. The SuperStar (Boxer)

080816_10.zip - Haru KING (Honda) vs. The SuperStar (Boxer), Roku (Honda) vs. The SuperStar (Boxer)

Elsewhere: Kosho & Nasu took Vampire Savior at the Darkstalkers Combination Cup. Kosho supposedly swept everybody. Detailed results aren't up yet.


  1. kusumondo v kusumondo
    superstar v superstar
    how the heck does that work?

  2. kusumondo v kusumondo
    superstar v superstar
    how the heck does that work?

    Super Clone Fighter II X

  3. To probably no ones surprise Nasu/Kosho win. :\

    It almost seemed anti-climactic.

    I'm wondering who finished Top 4.

    I also heard TKO won the Hunter tournament. I'm assuming no sign of Daigo since apparently he can't be beat in that game.

    Is there any way to get a hold of the DCC2 DVD? perhaps by mail or something? or do you have to be in Japan to purchase it?

  4. So TKO finally won DCC? What happened to Haramori?

  5. part 2 is up...

    21. NKI ( chun-li ) VS The Superstar ( boxer )
    22. NKI ( chun-li ) VS gotoh ( ryu )

    23. taira ( dictator ) VS gotoh ( ryu )
    24. kikai ( guile ) VS gotoh ( ryu )

    25. AFO ( blanka ) VS gotoh ( ryu )
    26. nakamura ( cammy ) VS gotoh ( ryu )

    27. gian ( dhalsim ) VS gotoh ( ryu )
    28. gian ( dhalsim ) VS gunze ( zangief )

    29. gian ( dhalsim ) VS tani ( guile )
    30. gian ( dhalsim ) VS prince ( chun-li )

    31. gian ( dhalsim ) VS komoda ( buranka )
    32. gian ( dhalsim ) VS danjiri ( dhalsim )

    33. gian ( dhalsim ) VS suzuyan ( guile )
    34. gian ( dhalsim ) VS head press omura ( dictator )

    35. gian ( dhalsim ) VS saitou ( zangief )
    36. gian ( dhalsim ) VS futachan ( ryu )

    37. gian ( dhalsim ) VS tsuji ( boxer )
    38. Professor Jones ( dictator ) VS tsuji ( boxer )

    39. shiro ( ryu ) VS tsuji ( boxer )
    40. shougatsu ( o. honda ) VS tsuji ( boxer )
    41. noguchi ( claw ) VS tsuji ( boxer )

  6. Can you provide a link to part 2?

  7. Can you provide a link to part 2?

  8. Part 2 is on same mi-ka-do blog as usual.


  9. wow at Nki taking a perfect off superstar. Way to rep the gaijin squad. Unfortunately he ran into gotou and his uncanny ability to reversal out of neckbreaker.

    Extremely beautiful gems in this mountain of videos. Thanks for sharing, nohoho.

    p.s. what is your take on iv, will you be providing coverage on that as well (since it has many of st's cast) or will this primarily be an ST / Hyper / Vampire blog? It seems as though many of the st players are trying their hand at iv as well, though I wouldn't characterize it as jumping ship completely.

    Your thoughts, kind sir.

  10. B-izm -
    To probably no ones surprise Nasu/Kosho win. :\

    It almost seemed anti-climactic.

    Well if Kosho really did beat 12 people in a row that's something.

    I don't know about the DVD. Right now it's on sale at Mikado? Web store opening soon but I doubt they ship overseas.

    13 - Thank you! Great matches, eh?

    Zhi - Moreso than Komoda or Harahi, NKI is my ST hero. It was his enthusiasm that got me back into the game after a long long time away. Nice to see him give SuperStar some lumps.

    re: SFIV I've been working for a while now on a proper version of that move list. Almost done. Right now it seems like it's the multi game champs and CVS2 players that are winning the most. US and Japan.

  11. Tsuji needs to wear these in real life.


    When he's not systematically destroying the field, he gets into a tight match and always pulls off the most miraculous finishes ever. (referring to set 2 of the match vids)

    I seriously have nightmares of the "wrrraaahhh" sound effect of boxer when he does dash upper, dash low, and then "wrrrah wrrahhh wrahhh wrrrahh wrahhhhhhh" of the Super going off in someone's face.