Friday, August 8, 2008

ST Player Interview on INH Radio 080808

INH posted an interview with Mattsun, Gian and Komoda:
Link (in Japanese)

Komoda Blanka Interview
Discussion of the theme song video. Fans on the internet have too much time on their hands. I wouldn't *cough* know anything about that. Since his picture is out there, people pester him during matches.

NOTE: Super Nohoho Fighter II X does not condone bugging any player during a match. Nor do we condone asking Daigo for his autograph when he's trying to take a leak. Let's have some dignity, people!

Winning with Blanka not so bad when we're talking one isolated match at a time. Top tier warriors like Otochun and Tsuji who win day in and day out are most impressive.

Most difficult character to fight against: Sagat. Unwinnable. Pray for lucky dizzy.

SBO Prognostication
Otochun & ARG
First team that Gian singles out. Consensus that Otochun is still top dog. Even if ARG falters (he struggled @ X-Mania 8) Otochun can stomp people.

Muteki & Shiki
Shiki Boxer really incredible.

Tama & Hakase

Tokido & Nuki
Both of these two are in Vegas this weekend, btw.

Gian's Teammate Futachan
Very tough. Beat Aniken, D, Star, Kusumond, Shiro at the recent a-cho 2on. Stopped by Taira.

X-Mania 9 at the end of this year.

X-Mania 10 next year. The plan is to have qualifiers like they used to for the first few events.

The Starting Over (X-Mania Gaiden DVD + best of X-Mania bonus disc + SF2 music remixes by Hitoshi Sakimoto among others + Yoga Book Hyper) almost gone. Pick up a copy if you haven't yet.

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