Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pre X-Mania 2008 Results 080208

Pretty sure the event name was just a joke. Pre-SBO 3on3 event at Mikado.

15 teams (45 entrants)

1st. Muteki (Guile), Nuki (Chun-Li) & Mattsun (Ken)

2nd. YuuVega (Dictator), Noguchi (Claw) & Shogatsu (O.Honda)

3rd. Gian (Dhalsim), Futachan (Ryu) & Tazawa [TZW] (Guile)

Mattsun kindly posted the results. His team's semifinal and final matches:

TZW def. Mattsun (<- Mattsun's only game)
Nuki def. TZW
Nuki def. Futachan
Nuki def. Gian

Muteki def. Shogatsu
YuuVega def. Muteki
Nuki def. YuuVega
Nuki def. Noguchi

On August 16th -- the day after SBO -- Mikado is hosting a regional showdown ("taikou") for ST.


Here's another long Cammy series on Nico. Cammy-Ryu this time.
Part 1, Part 2


  1. Hi,
    I've been reading your blog since à long time now, and first, many thanks for it, such a good source for Vampire and 2X, it's always a pleasure to come and take a look.
    I would like to ask you a few question abouts tournaments in Tokyo, mind you if mail you about it ?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Thanks. Yeah sure it's this same nickname at

  3. any vids of the pre xmania tourney? Is it just me or has nuki gotten alot better at ST?

  4. geezus those are beefy teams

  5. @Anonymous: hmm, I don't know. He won last SBO and perfected Taira, so he was already pretty good last year.

    @nohoho: When do we get to see your Blanka going up against Komoda in SBO final? :D

  6. yeah, but I was watching a past evo where he fought daigo in ST, I think 2k2? it seems like his ST chun has improved ALOT since then.

  7. You guys watched the "unknown grey chun" videos, right?
    Linked here and here.

    the dude - Damdai and I tried our luck but we couldn't pull it off. It's too bad there's only one Blanka.

  8. Yeah I had a feeling that was nuki. I actually like his chun style more than otochun, really strong.