Monday, July 21, 2008

Gamer's Vision Random 2on Video 071008

There's a Bittorrent file and some YouTube links.
Player names are in english. Jai Dhal is definitely Gian. Aka Bla is probably Akashachi.

EDIT: Updated SBO Q list, by the way.

EDIT2: Some miscellaneous ST news...

Here's the bracket for the final eight teams at a 2on2 event at a-cho this week.

There were 20 teams total. Aniken-Suzuyan and Gunze-Macky7 didn't make it out of their blocks. Gian and Futachan won the 3rd place match.


There's going to be a 3on3 tournament at Mikado on August 2nd.

I think there's another 3on3 scheduled at Shinjuku Vegas right before SBO, but I can't find the announcement right now.


  1. god i hate that retarded CLAW BOXER DICTATOR crap
    only because americans are dumb and won't use / understand the correct names

    and it's DASH not CE,damn it

    americans are so good they have to use DASH VEGA or OLD SAGAT to win

    ha !